The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Portrait of a monkey.

A day of three halfs.
Lunch was fun at Cairn O'Mohr with Mr. and Mrs.Bear. They are both looking fabulous and we won't mention the skinny dipping thing.......

Home for afternoon tea with neighbours.Greta and fanily wanted to thank us all for supporting her and family since Chris becaame ill. She is amazing and has a truely close family. I took a wee Strawberry shortcake for them to enjoy as I had made two.

The second pudding went with us to the third event, which was a BBQ at Buz and Jax's house. Some of the gang had congregated and we eneded up eating rather a lot, drinking similar and watching the annual Europe fuelled humiliation, with surround sound and interactive Singalonga Eurovision.
Ally coped, even though he was sober.

It was a lovely day from start to finish.
Thanks to all our friends and neighbours.

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