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By delphwynd

Bonnie Who?

Most of this lot are far too young to remember her anyway. The others pretended they had no idea.

A near total eclipse, and another good opportunity to get out of the classroom and into the field. Literally. Dodged the dog shit to set up with a nice view that included Stirling Castle and crossed fingers that the building clouds wouldn't build to anything. Bored to tears of me shouting "Don't look at the sun!", "Use the live view!", "Don't point that there!" and "Turn around bright eyes...", they all mostly ignored me as the eclipse reached its peak here and the light went a bit funny.

A challenging shoot it was, with no opportunity to stop and start again. But, if we're quick, there's another one along at 2026 and so can have another go then. Not sure how that'll work mind you as the sun's set by that time around here...

(No students were blinded in the making of this blip).

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