By ClaireH

Kensington Market, Toronto

Started the day off in Chinatown where we scoured the markets - I purchased a Canadian flag (souvenir requested by my dad). We stopped at a place on the corner that served the most amazing Vietnamese food, very easy on the pockets too. This picture was taken as we ventured into Kensington Market, the hipster central of Toronto, and I was in love with it. There were incense stalls, vintage boutiques and colourfully decorated houses around every corner. I found myself a great deal on a vintage Levi jacket and a hand woven hat, day trip success! 

And because we couldn't end it there, we staggered into a tiny Spanish restaurant at about half past 9 in the evening (the beauty about Toronto is that they never seem to stop serving food) and I think after trying their cheesecake I'm now ruined for for life, my taste buds will not accept anything less. 


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