Your thoughts determine your actions

I really like this design. It's off a tshirt. I've grunged it up significantly, it was originally a blue background with black print. Personally I'd prefer a grunged, acid wash, stressed or whatever it's called look to the tshirt (sorry Fi, not saying its bad)

Anyway this is the tshirt for today's mountain bike race and the only photo I took all day. So I'm at a mtb race with hundreds of my favorite things to photograph and several (8) hours to take a photo and this was the best I could do, well I was busy ok, I tried but failed to do.

If you look closely this is a brain with a bike, track and various parts all melded together expertly by the graphic designer dude.

grunged tshirt in laaaaargggeee

Sorry it's a backblip, was too tired when I got home to even unpack, upload or unwind.....shower food bed.

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