By JanVa

White Ibis…and an Egret

After taking my daughter to the airport early this morning (back to college…spring break is over…) I drove down to Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge.  I was disappointed to see that the usual sights (great blue herons, egrets, kingfisher, turtles) were not out this morning.  However I was rewarded when I went to the part of the refuge that reopened last weekend (usually closed mid-October through mid-March due to migrating/wintering waterfowl).

The ibis were just across the water from the parking area.  Egrets were hanging out there as well.  Some coots were hanging out on my side of the water and were fun to watch.  On my way out of the refuge the resident kingfisher made an appearance…and posed for a bit (not his usual behavior!).  

Driving back I saw a large group of snow geese hanging out in a distant field off Princess Anne Road.  I also saw two other groups of ibis in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach.  Not the usual sight in this area...

I have also added some blips from earlier this month...

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