one of today's stars

Today I have been on duty, and on my feet since 8, finished after 5. The teaching was varied, the bird lesson (which was all abit hessitant yesterday) went swimmingly with a lot of concentration and energy in the ohter half of the class. Same lesson, very different outcom. It's an art, not a science allright.

Then some more free painting activities, one with music as inspiration and one linked to the Hans Christian Andersson version of the Princess and the Pea. (and me a person most uninterested in royalty!).

The puppets returned today, complete with clothes and decorations. We had our virtual cocktail party and the mingle was noisy and fun, the puppets conversed with each other and then we took a class photo. (mine was out of focus, taken on the fly)

This sheep really amused me, the woman who made it keeps sheep and her inside information on how their ears work is obvious - and the puppet smelled of sheep as the wool was freshly sheared. An added bonus!

On Thursday another class will be presenting their puppets, I might even get one group shot in focus. Now for a cup of tea and a sit down.

I wrote to my employer today to say I accept being made redundant when the university moves to the next town south in June 2016, and the redundancy package that goes with it. The die is cast.

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