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Update: An Exciting Future

Dear Community, 
Joe here again with an update as promised.
I’m pleased to announce that the Polaroid Blipfoto platform is now in the hands of its new owners, Jeffrey Hecktman Chairman and CEO of Hilco Global and Bobby Sager a Director at Gordon Brothers. These two gentleman are extremely successful investors and entrepreneurs who share our collective passion and enthusiasm for the Blipfoto platform, and are as eager as I am to see it continue to grow and expand. 
With all the challenges we’ve faced in recent weeks it is a great relief for me personally to have found business leaders that share my vision for Blipfoto, especially having worked so hard to build it over the last ten years. I am confident they have the creativity and the resources to support a long-term plan for the platform.
Both Graham and I have spoken in depth with Jeff and Bobby in the last few days, and they have asked us both to play an active role in the company going forward. Of course there will be boundaries to work within, and the priority will always be future sustainability, but we start with a clean page and a simple brief: to make Blipfoto as outstanding as we know it can be and make the business model work successfully.
As we begin working on the development of future plans for the company over the coming weeks I can assure you that the Blipfoto community will be well represented. But first, there’s going to be a lot of scurrying around behind the scenes, moving technical things about, updating details to reflect the new ownership, and putting resources back in place which were lost at the beginning of March.

Please bear with us as we make this exciting transition and in the very near term, excuse us if it takes us a bit longer to respond to your requests and enquiries.
Rest assured, Blipfoto now has a very bright future and many wonderful new ideas in store for you in the coming days.
More soon!
Joe Tree
Founder, Blipfoto

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