Impossible to Resist....

The blossom on the 3 old apple trees in the front yard are exploding in their beautiful and familiar way. Each year they delight me and i find it totally impossible to resist just one more image (to add to the many hundreds i already have!).

Another blue sky day, but there was frost on the grass when i got up!! The tomato plants are being treated to the warm and windy outdoors....but they are brought back in at night! pretty soon we'll be planting them in the garden.

It was a good day in the studio....the heat from the overnight kiln had the temperature in there up to 38 degrees.....which was much warmer than outside! Got lots more work glazed, prepared more glazes for testing, and feel rather spent now, and looking forward to the guys returning home from their chores in town....with beer!!!!

Maybe i'll unload yesterdays kiln...always a treat!

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