Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Eastern Fox Squirrel

This little fellow, and his sibling, are currently being raised at The Wildlife Center of Virginia. I think I'm correct in saying that the tree their nest was in was taken down a couple of weeks ago, and they were discovered, rescued and delivered to WCV. That blue blotch on his head is to distinguish him from his sibling - so that if he needs some medication and the other doesn't, we can be sure which one we're picking up! In any case, as of today they've both been cleared to no longer be medical patients. Now they just have to grow up enough to be released and be proper wild squirrels. I do have to add that until today I didn't know we had any squirrels other than Eastern Gray Squirrels in our woods. Apparently we also have Fox Squirrels! I did know there is a particular Fox Squirrel on the Eastern Shore - the Delmarva Peninnsula - called the Delmarva Fox Squirrel. It is apparently increasingly rare.

Anyhoo. It's Squirrel Friday (or Flower Friday) so here you are! Have a baby Fox Squirrel.

Also at WCV today - my weekly volunteer day - was a Common Loon, three baby box turtles (seems early for them to be appearing - but I didn't get the story), and two absolutely adorable Red Fox kits. The foxes will be transferred to a rehabber who specializes in foxes in a couple of days. A few pics from today are here

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