Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen

St Mary's

The evenings are certainly drawing out now, and by Sunday we'll be in British Summer Time too. The weather today has been cool, to be expected, but a bright and sunny afternoon heralded the arrival of the weekend.

St Mary's Church is separated from the village of Lawford by a quarter of a mile or so. It lies close to the centre of the parish and Lawford Hall, a large and handsome mansion, which stands in a beautiful park, and was modernised and mostly rebuilt by Edward Greene in the 18th century. Because of this separation, is it a peaceful and quiet spot, the silence frequently only being punctuated by birdsong.

I collected a watering can from the tap and armed with the cloth I'd brought with me, headed along the winding path through the graveyard to visit the grandparents for a spring clean of their gravestone.

Whilst there, I popped in to say hello to a few other locals, notable by their passing, and on occasions in untimely fashion.

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