By Peahen

Promises that you regret making.

On the night of school Easter Bingo: "Yes, if I win anything, you can have the chocolate and daddy and I will have the wine." She was morose at not winning anything and I never win anything . Cue my first and probably last ever full house. The prize was a huge hamper (or "pamper" as B proudly told anyone who would listen). This was then topped up with her children's raffle egg, and a bunny from one of the neighbours, making the tally 3 chocolate bunnies, 6 or 7 eggs, many smaller eggs, 1 chocolate bar, 1 pack of Easter biscuits and 3 bottles of wine. Ye gods. Part of me is looking forward to breaking into it, and having a hopeful conversation about sharing.

In other news, B was up at 4.30 am after a nightmare ("someone told me that my drawings were terrible!"), which then subsided into hunger ("some sausage, cucumber, carrots and baguette please"), we compromised on malt loaf and a banana. Then she woke up again an hour later after another dream. Then again an hour later for breakfast. Her daddy came home from a week in the US at 9am and we had a proper brunch. I swear she has hollow legs. And we get an hour less sleep tonight.

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