Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

Conventional Disc Jockeys

Worked til the last possible minute yesterday but did all the work that had to be done before I could go on holiday. And avoided having to go back to work today. And got home in time for the table we had booked with M and A.

A seems very nice. I probably shouldn't have pretended that she had got my name wrong and that I was really Nigel.

Today, had to go back in to work.
But only to pick up my bike.
This was after dropping M and A at the station.
And this was after dropping them off at rugby.
Which was after going down the high street to buy a paper and £1.50's worth of LP. The write-up on the back is worth £1.50 on its own.
And all of this was after a comically wind-affected tennis match.

We are off on our hols tomorrow.

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