Wow! So rough!!

Well we are home again after our little 'holiday' locals will laugh and maybe other blippers will not understand. But when things get too much on 'the rock' as we call Guernsey, if we can't get off Island we do as we did yesterday morning and take a day off, and then spend a night away from home. We went to the furthest point of the Island and stayed a night at the Imperial Hotel. We had a lovely day, a nice meal in the evening, stayed the night, then had breakfast, it was what is offered to locals as a 'Wnter warmer' . We definitely felt we'd had a break. I walked along to the point of the Island, but sadly only managed 10 minutes. And now I'm paying for it :0( when will this foot be better? Anyway on with our 'holiday' we came along the coast and at lunchtime we stopped at Cobo tea rooms for a sandwich. Then up to Port Soif where I got this view of the sea. So that's our weekend. Sorry I am way behind on commenting, I will do what I can, but don't feel obliged to comment on this!

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