Paradise Revisited

Years ago I was a RTA statistic .Smashed legs, hips , arms and in hospital for 4 months then out in a wheelchair .Swimming and physio had me up and about and as soon as I could I was on a bike .My challenge was to ride to Liverpool along the A580 and back .Twenty six miles each way .I got there only to realise no bike lock ! In Paradise Street was a car park where they looked after my bike. Liverpool was wonderful then and there are photos to prove my great day out . That night I rode back and whilst the bath was filling, made a bacon sarnie , large mug of coffee , then lay in the water soaking and savouring with the realisation I'd done it ..Today Paradise Street was revisited and a great time had . This time by car but sad to say the old car park has gone . However the old street sign remains .Lovely memories and even lovelier to say - Liverpool is booming ..

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