#Lucky, happy & loved :)

By J4net

The garden boat

If it's Cemetery Sunday and Monomonday, what are the other days??

This little boat with a dusting of snow has been sitting in the neighbours' garden for nearly 2 years. It arrived the same time as their first child and now the next is due very soon. They are hoping to set it free to sail away so that the new toot can have an extension built instead of sharing with a big brother. Well that's what mam wants, dad isn't so sure.

Second day of 5x50 challenge today, woke up to white all around and by the time I got out (for an hour) it had all virtually thawed. The wind was a bitty colder but dress for the weather and you'll no go wrong. In my case I looked liked a wee paddington bear lol

Learning Italian progressing, beating the hubby at the moment YaY!

Uncle John Alfred is home and doing really well, he has a 6 week care package (morning and evening), hopefully he won't need it to continue, but if he does that'll be fine. 

Day off today, time to start listing what essentials are needed for our wee grande tour :)

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