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Mono Monday: Pattern

This is a shot of a pair of Robert Welch candlesticks which CH and I bought last year to mark our 25th wedding anniversary - before you all start getting out your picklocks I should point out that they're polished steel, not silver - but they are silvery,  and we thought the way they wind round each other was nicely appropriate (if they'd also been able to stamp about and slam doors they'd have been even better, but never mind). Just for context, in a more normal view they look like this.

I had a happy half hour photographing them, though if anyone walked past the house while I was doing it they must have wondered what on earth was going on: the candlesticks were standing on the table in the conservatory, and to get a shot from directly above them so were the tripod and I. I was using a heavy zoom lens that  doesn't so much creep as plummet when vertical, so I played around with some zoom burst shots and got a couple that I liked - but in the end this straightforward photo with the zoom held steady pleased me more. In colour you can identify some of the reflections in the steel as chairs and other things, but in mono they just become patterns too.

Many thanks to chantler63 for a month of stimulating challenges - I look forward to seeing what notowennewitt will set for us next week!

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