Specially for Keith

Apparently this shot makes a certain sort of photographer go "OOOOOOO", so I am blipping it for that reason only.

The rejects were a stylish shot of our closest birch tree covered in hoar frost, looking stately. Or several close ups of hte same hoar frost with a little yellow tit peering through the branches. The bird was never in focus though, the branches were sharp as pins. ho hum, tripod time!!

Today I emptied my office and boxed up everything to be transported either home, or to the art rooms. Where there is seriously not an inch of shelf space unoccupied, not a scrap of cupboard not already crammed full of material etc. Where it's all going is a problem to be solved at a later date.

I didn't enjoy the stress of having a deadline that didn't work well with the rest of my working life, and now all the boxes have to be absorbed of possibly just burned! It WAS very good to chuck away years and years of confidential material appertaining to major problems, traumas, disputes etc etc. That part of the clearing up has been cathartic, and has taught me:
a) that I did a lot as senior health and safety officer, and
b) that it is a good time to stop.

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