By Peahen

Cleaning out the pigs

I took B to the farm again today and she had a blast (again). I know that in school holidays I don't get to walk the fields, and I know that all those little buds will be unfurling without me, but it does change the focus (sorry) of my photographs more onto a radius of the barn and the fields immediately in front and behind it.

Kara, who is one of Chris and Helie's daughters was volunteering at the farm today. I loved this shot, when I looked over my shoulder to see B alongside Kara, happily pushing a full wheelbarrow over to the pigs. "It's alright Mummy," she said, when I asked how she was doing, "I've got this".

Thanks Kara, for making her day. She liked planting the potatoes too, and seeing the new lamb, but pushing a wheelbarrow and then watching the pigs push one over was the highlight of her morning. And Friday's bonfire was a really tough act to follow :)

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