High Fives!!

Five years on – how did that happen??
Time flies when you’re having fun, most of the time any rate.

 And I've not missed a day either, and never used a photo which hasn't been taken on the day (that’s one of my private, but now public gripes) surely that’s what “a photo a day” means as stated in Blipfoto’s rules or ethics.  Way back (in the good ole blip days) a photo wouldn't be accepted and there wasn't a date option available like these days.  
And, remember how we weren't allowed to have a frame around our image, and then we were allowed as long as it didn't show on the thumbnail.  Also, no text on the image allowed back then either.

We have moved on, with many changes over the years, none more so than the last three months.
The friendships, both real and over the miles are extraordinary and I treasure them daily.  You all know who you are, thank you. 
To those that have subscribed (now called followers) thank you all......almost a thousand, it is way beyond my capabilities to look at all your journals, but I do appreciate you all.
This made me laugh I average 139 words per entry, in other words I talk to much!!,

I had this vision of a sunrise from Jack’s Point including the the lighthouse but the morning dawned overcast with an Irish mizzle, however not to be put off,  we ventured forth to the lighthouse with it’s light blinking as we walked the cliff tops. 

The overcast conditions were more conducive to long exposure and I've included Doug looking down onto the reef.  He has been a big part of my blip journey and is sitting on the beautifully carved memorial seat for Rangi a young local chap that lived in our district and was tragically killed just a bit further along our road 6 years ago.



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