Black Mountains Blips

By Hanneke3


I bought this lemon tree a few weeks ago. An Aldi bargain!

It has lived in my porch since, as I don't have a greenhouse (yet) and it is far too cold and windy outside for it still. It will go out on the patio as soon as the risk of frost is gone though.

It is lovely where it is, as I see it whenever I come in or go out AND the smell of the citrus blossom fills the porch. It only has a few flowers, so I am glad their scent is contained in the porch, as outside I doubt I'd smell it.

To my surprise lemons have already started forming on this little tree :) As blossoms finish, they push out these lovely green shapes, stamens still attached! This is the biggest of the three that are emerging.

I am very excited to see them grow and no doubt they will feature in a future Blip.

Photo's of buds and blooms can be found here: Lemon Tree

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