The health & safety officer has left the building.

Today I did my last day as senior health & safety officer, working in Sundsvall up to the last minute, planning routines that may or may not work to improve the working environment. It ain't over till the fat lady sings apparently.

This is a shot of the campus in Sundsvall, complete with dusty paths. They go with the spring. This is the new campus (built about 12 years back) that will soon be known as the old campus, when all the new buildings are in place. The Härnösanders will mostly be moving into the new buildings.

I celebrated my final day by having an acupuncture treatment and a wander round IKEA. Let the good times roll, eh? Fabulous driving home quite late but with plenty of light inthe sky. I love the clocks changing. It's a whole new world out there - at least for a week or two.

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