By memento

Out like a lamb

March, how I love thee. You tease us with ridiculous fluctuations in weather conditions for weeks and give us...t.o.d.a.y. Gorgeous, Mild, Fresh. You have all but decimated the lake ice except for the patch in the deepest parts.

The paths around the lakes were streams of ants; overflowing with people in shorts, pale as moonflowers, jogging, skating, walking with an unmistakeable boing in their step, their eyes glazed over with happiness and relief that they've survived another midwest winter.

The morning started with a short five-monkey visit. They ate my cinnamon/sugar crepes, tossed balls around, made me blissfully happy and then left. Watching their swimming lessons at the Y tonight made it clear that learning to swim must be so daunting when you're a tiny person.

After a lovely day, I suppose it was time to come down a bit, which was accomplished quite swiftly by watching The Imitation Game. Utterly fascinating but what a crapcrapcrap way to treat the person who changed the course of a world war. People had their intolerant heads up their whatsits in the 1950's. Well, perhaps not a lot has changed.

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