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Wide Angle Wednesday: Looking Down

For some reason, hobbs appears to have forgotten that I suffer slightly with vertigo, and has chosen "looking down" as the theme of his challenge this week. I'll be having a word with him later.

I did have some fun with this actually, taking photos of my own feet when CH and I walked the dogs this morning: two of my favourites from that set are here. CH said that the second one feels like a recurrence of his labyrinthitis, but I think he meant it kindly.

This is a photo of me and a treasured Edwardian cheval mirror which I inherited from my Mum. In case you're worrying, I'd like to set your mind to rest about a couple of things:

1) Those spots are flaws in the mirror, not dirt on my camera sensor.

2) No, of course my thighs aren't that shape - this is a distorting lens.

3) 2) is a lie.

EDIT: Miffy has very kindly pointed out that this looks better large (i.e. small) on the black background - so if you can be bothered, please press the little arrow things under the image and wait quite a long time for it to appear like that. :)

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