Black Mountains Blips

By Hanneke3

Derelict Thursday

and I can't resist it...

This week features part of the innards of a completely derelict tracked farm vehicle. Probably not even all that old, as I also have some shots of some rotting cabling. Everything is rusty, brambles growing through it and several oak planks are lying on top of it, which I think might have been used to drive it up a muck heap or across a ditch in the past.

Took lots of photo's but somehow this one of a detail appeals most. I was being 'arty farty' and played with colour, line and depth of field, in my favourite square format. 

I started out as a kid with an old Agfa camera that took square large format rolls of film, only 12 on a roll... and I think that shaped my thinking and viewing square...

P.S. also best seen in 'full screen' against the black background...

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