... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Hoverfly on Euphorbia

Crisper ommatidia in large?

Well, perhaps if it was higher resolution...
It is lovely to see these flitting about again!
I visited a new café in Balham today (Brickwood): it had exposed brick walls, coffee bag ceiling tiles, and artsy industrial lighting. The coffee was decent, but all in all I found the whole place rather irritating. It might have been the cap that the waiter was wearing, or the office block style ceiling (in spite of the coffee bag coverings for the tiles). There was nothing particularly wrong with it, and the coffee was good (not exciting, but a million times better than any of the chains...), but the whole thing felt like they'd made a list of things that trendy cafés must have, and then gone about ticking boxes without any heart or originality leaving it all feeling rather faux and shallow.

Alternatives are right from this café shot (with capped waiter in frame).

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