Life with The Pinks

By suzypink


Miss Pink has been caring for baby Annabel very well today. Baby Annabel has been out for a nice walk in the pram, and has lots of clean nappies throughout the day. Baby Annabel came with us to feed our neighbour's cats this afternoon, and had a ride in the back of the cosy coupe too. She stroked the cats with Miss Pink and although upside down at the time she seemed to be happy to be there.

Master Pink has been a bit bonkers today, running around in circles and talking very very loudly ALL THE TIME....I can't wait until half term so we can all rest a little.

(and yes I know, I copped out of Musical May again today....I'm very tired and the mini pinks weren't really interested in playing the game with my "cave " idea so you have a Miss Pink instead!)

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