Bird's Eye View

And there you have it! Nearly all of Discovery Bay, taken from the lookout behind our house.

Our church had an outdoor Good Friday service, much to my delight! Atop a mountain even and most people walked up the hill to get there so some effort was involved. I took a hire car as I had my guitar and some other things and I'm still not supposed to 'sweat' and get my scar wet!

It was a lovely meditative service at 2pm and the cloud cover certainly darkened an otherwise normal day, making it even more poignant. We sang some pretty traditional Good Friday hymns out there in the open on the mountain, and also one of my favourites from the '80s ... Graham Kendrick's 'The Servant King'. That line "hands that flung stars into space, to cruel nails, surrendered" gets me every time. Yes, This is our God, the Servant King!

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