One day at a time...

By JonRayner

Central Library

1st day of bank holiday weekend :)
Spent the morning on the computer creating a flyer and then in the afternoon we all went into town on the bus.  The bus was an interesting 'trip' as on entering we were overwhelmed with the smell of 'herbs'.  We had to get off at the bottom end of town due to feeling light headed!  Oscar sat on the bus the whole time with his hand clamped over his nose!

Had a shop around and seemed to spend an hour in a book store while the kids picked books.

Then went to smoke for some tea and gorged ourselves on more meat than anyone should consume in a week, let alone one meal!  Fran was on the cocktails and I had a couple of cheeky ones (kids had water!).

All around town, i didn't get a lot of time to take photos as I was helping Sophie take some, however did get this one outside the Central Library.

Great day.

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