She's here. Eight pounds of squirming, feeding, curious baby. 

Proof positive that the best outcomes sometimes come from the most unusual circumstances. We'd been at triage on Wednesday evening, as bambino had been moving ever such a little bit less than normal. Turns out that's not a good thing to say to OB triage. We say a lovely doctor who said everything was OK, but that indiction in the near future seemed to be the way things were going. We came back on Thursday morning and saw a brusque and quite patronising doctor who was quite insistent on induction now. When we asked for time to think, and came to the conclusion that we'd accept induction right then as suggested she came back and told us she'd booked us in for Friday. Not good to have the choice taken away but there was a brilliant midwife who advocated for our wishes and stood up to the officious doctor. So, we left with an appointment for Friday morning and an intention to have a great night and a baby the day after. We were clear, positive and focused.

At 1020 on Friday, half an hour before we went in, they called to say the hospital was full, and that we'd need to go to the alternate hospital, 20 miles away. It really threw SPS's preparation, but we decided to go with it. And we were very glad. The labour suite there was brand new, the staff lovely, the unit very quiet, the corridors long and empty, outside easy to access and the parking free.

As with MJ, SPS needed the drip to get things going, and once the contractions started she went into the power zone, first breathing through, escalating to TENS and swaying and finishing for the last hour with gas and air and slapping the furniture. Once again, the moment arrived rapidly and the actual birth was fast. This time bambino wasn't distressed in any way and was nearly two pounds bigger than MJ. We saw no doctors, just midwives, just as we'd wanted. Upstairs we found a four bed space unoccupied, so we had a chance to get settled and I was home just after midnight.

This has been a long and short pregnancy. Long in that so much happened during it, but short, in that it seems only yesterday we were surprised and delighted to find SPS was pregnant again.

Again, we've discovered that the only childbirth you can have is the one you have, and that you need to play each moment on its own, and live them all, making choices as you go with the right information.. And in doing that, we got through and got a wonderful gift.

SPS was wonderful. Controlled, honest, productive, beautiful and loving. Bambino, who is still to be named, is so like MJ, but so individual too. We are delighted.

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