A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Bonus day

Weather-wise anyway. There seems to be a general sense that, as we enter week two of glorious sunshine and balmy temperatures, we are living on borrowed time. The grey skies this afternoon would certainly seem to endorse that but we risked an outdoor cafe outing whilst J was at football practice and still it didn't rain. Today has mainly been: relaxed - intense - exhausting - relaxed - intense - relaxed. The final relaxed bit seeing (or hearing?) our reintroduction to the fine blues music of EC Scott. A real memory lane trigger.

And for future reference I must note that this is the day I taught the kids to play Sausages and that, whilst they are both very very poor at it, J is particularly bad. He'll want to know that in the future. Or at least Anna definitely will.

Lesley x

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