By EdgewoodGarden

Molly the Witch

Gardeners of somewhat unusual plants will know Paeonia mlokosewitschii by her nickname....others might need an introduction. This lovely early peony with the formidable name is slow growing, with a sophisticated, understated soft yellow flower, gorgeous emergent foliage and eye-popping seedpods that open to magenta pink and deep silver-blue pea-sized seeds.
It is a native of the areas between the Black and Caspian Sea amongst oak forests. Unlike most garden peonies, this plant likes a bright or open shade location, rather than full sun. Ours is planted at the edge of the drip line of a red oak. The three things you need to be successful with this plant are excellent drainage, patience (as a plant may not bloom for up to five years) and some ready cash. (They don't come cheap!) Seemingly, our plant is happy as after 7 years in its present location it is giving us more than a dozen flowers buds this spring!

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