Making the most ........

 ....... of my birthday flowers as I won't see them after Friday (I doubt Himself is up to keeping them alive for another two and a half weeks!!).

As you can see this is straight from the camera - NOT - lol - to be fair all I did was ''make'' the sunburst otherwise it is sooc.

More vibrant on full frame.

Way too much to do today and now Himself has a hospital appointment (a cancellation - they called yesterday and can fit him in at short notice) which I want to attend with him .... and then hospital visiting this afternoon.  The day is pretty much gone after that.

I managed to get my camera stuff, laptop, kindle, various and assorted leads and chargers all cleaned and assembled last night - fell into bed near midnight - not sure why I was so tired, though, I had only been up 41 hours!!  Strange that :-))

No time for commenting or responding - really sorry - but please don't forget Flower Friday tomorrow and if you could tag them FlowerFriday AND FlowerFriday10 (the date) it would be much appreciated - but don't worry if you forget the 10 - I will do my best to find them anyway. 
BikerBear Hearts may be awarded a bit late, though, as I will be in the States from Saturday evening - but they WILL be awarded..


~ Anni ~

Smile of the Day

A small child asks a businessman what two and two makes ... " It depends " replies the businessman  " are you buying or selling? "


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