Out of the Mists

I left glorious sunshine this afternoon to make the 20 minute drive to the harbour. Just 2 minutes from my destination, I was greeted by a wall of sea mist (or fog, to my mind!)

Undaunted, I embraced it as a new photographic opportunity and set about seeing what I could capture. I had the most wonderful time, taking shots that I've never taken before. I've not had time to sort them yet, but this one leapt out at me, so has made it to my journal. 

Much better on a dark background, so please take a look in LARGE!

I'm sure that there will be others that will be asking why I didn't blip them! They will appear on Flickr later......

Update: Ok - all sorted and some of them are positively screaming at me for not blipping them!!! :) You can see them in my Out of the Mists album!

Day 12 of Blipout2015, suggested by PaulFS, the idea being to only post outdoor photos until the clocks change in October.

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