Friday Fluff 500

Apparently it's my 500th blip and Dakota is delighted to be sharing this blip with me!!

Was going to do a flower blip but it's been a frantic Friday! Work in the morning and then back to London for a recall ( see blip from two days ago) but things didn't go to plan! London Underground let us down and made us late. £18 out of pocket for two taxi journeys!! Anyway got there in the end for a five minute cast and then back home hassle free almost!

Got home to go and pick up eldest from a friend and then quick sip of a tea before heading out again for a pedicure (bit of a do tomorrow) and petrol for the car.

DH has been unwell this week so been running around in the evenings sorting dinner and kids out. Normally I have Friday's off! It's been one hell of a frickin Friday and now sat down in my pjs and ready to drop off.

Tomorrow is a very busy day. Bar mitzvah service in the morning, kids party in the afternoon and then evening do. Yours truly is taking the photos!!

Have a good weekend all. Apologies for the ramble and well done if you managed to read to the end.

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