... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Eagle Pond: Goosles Reinstated

See water off a [shel]duck's back in large.

Phew: look who's back!
I didn't have to go on a Goosle search, because they were back on Eagle Pond this morning (and no sign of the little Impostles). Seems the Goosles were just off nest hunting yesterday (perhaps), and those little opportunists swooped in optimistically...

It was very grey and started to drizzle, but my mother gave them oats, and they seemed pretty cheerful; lovely to see them back at home!

I've put a few others on Flickr (right from wind-blown Goosles).
Mr. takes oats from my mother's hand
Confused pigeon (chilling with the starlings)
Curious Goosles

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