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The Quick Blip

I promised The Wren that it would be a quick blip today and so it shall be!

I had to go to Richmond (about 10 minutes' drive from home) this morning to deliver the signed Contract (it's still conditional!) to the Real Estate Agent. So, this is Queen Street, the town's main street, at around 1pm on a winter Thursday. The autumn leaves are still clinging to some of the trees and in fact the colours are at their best now that the weather has become colder. There was a nice landscaped square immediately to my left as I took this, where people were sitting on grass and benches enjoying their lunchbreak in the sun.

Tasman District Council sits at Richmond (in fact you can see the Council's flashy new offices still under construction under the blue tarps about half-way up on the right hand side. Not sure what the ratepayers of TDC think about this!) At just over 14,000 people, Richmond has the fastest-growing population in Tasman District.

The forestry plantations on the hills in the distance give a clue as to one of the region's main sources of income - log transporters rumble to and fro on the roads all day long. There's a banner strung across the street advertising the Richmond Harness Racing Winter Cup Festival next weekend. This sport, known in the US as Pacing, has been popular in New Zealand for a long time and the first harness race held by the Nelson Club took place in 1890. I'd quite like to go along next weekend.

In the left foreground, I like the group of people walking towards the camera in front of the hostelry advertising Tui beer. The woman looks as though she's waving at me but actually I think she was just gesticulating as she talked to her companions. They look very happy!

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