flying south

I flew south with the sun in my face this morning. I took this shot of the propeller, I love the weird shapes they make, and of course I sat mesmerised by the images for ages... as usual. It's cheaper than drugs I bet. A clear sky and a good tail wind meant we arrived earlier than scheduled.

However, the excitement of speed stopped there.
The airport bus failed to arrive.
We were loaded into a taxi and drove off at a fair pace.
At least initially...

There was a 20 minute traffic jam going nowhere fast.
Three lanes merging unexpectedly into one will do that to the heavy traffic of the capital.
Then a brisk trot to the underground - and the realisation that my travel card was empty.
I filled that, missed the train and waited for another 20 minutes.
Arrived eventually, thinking how much simpler life is in Härnösand.

However, Stockholm is a delightful place, the weather is mild and warm and I am visiting my friend Ann which is just lovely.
We spent time in a huge flea market this afternoon (I was restrained) and bought a heap of interesting vegetables on the market. Dinner is in the offing! And maybe even a G&T...

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