This little guy has had a traumatic day! Our local jackdaws have a habit of nesting on the top of our chimney and it's a fairly annual occurrence for the fledglings to fall down. I heard this one when I was hoovering in Jen's bedroom, calling out behind the board over the fireplace. Tony carefully eased off the board and caught him and placed him on the windowsill. He then landed by the car so had to be picked up once again and placed in the garden where he has been protected by a flock of jackdaws ever since. We don't have as many cats on the street as we once had but I still don't know whether he will's the way it goes.

For our part it was preferable to last year when our neighbour below saw one flying around the bedroom whilst we were on holiday - the wonderful Sally from next door had to rescue that one - quite a bit of mess to clear up on our return!

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