Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Super busy day, but one that nonetheless involved quite a lot of hanging around.

I was in uni before 10. MASSIVE PANIC when I couldn't find the bag with my dvd players in. Replacing them and the cables would have cost about £85. After a frantic run around uni alerting various members of staff, it was discovered in the space behind a newly built wall. PHEW.

I didn't really have anything in particular to do until 4.30 when I was getting my gubbins PAT tested. There were many discussions polite arguments with my tutor though, about whether to keep my screens on the floor, or put them on a table. In the end he called for an outside opinion, and she agreed with me. Thought that was all dealt with, so went for some lunch, and then to watch Pose paint the floor.

Bumped into another tutor, who told me they'd decided on a new position for my work. Went back to see what they'd done, and got roped into moving some walls. Huge, heavy slabs of board that we needed to load onto a trolley (which we had to find first), out to the stairs, unload from the trolley and carry down the stairs to the ground floor, back onto the trolley, aaaaalllll the way to the sculpture department and off again. I don't think I've ever been so hot in my entire life. I also tore my fingers up carrying them down the stairs.

PAT testing only took about 5 minutes in the end. By this time I'd been beckoned by yet another tutor to tell me I definitely shouldn't have the screens on the floor, and would need to find a plinth. I wish they could just agree and let me get on with it.

Early start again tomorrow I think.

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