Bolton Market hall

This is an old Victorian building dating back to the 1855.  Originally built by Charles Tomkinson.   More photos  I remember the Queen opening the refurbished Market hall in 1988.  My Eldest daughter worked in one of the shops and so we were able to attend!  My youngest son (5) had drawn a picture of the Queen which he gave her as she walked round the centre! It was all quite exciting!  At that time the Market hall had lots of stalls including a fantastic one for cake decorations  etc. 

Since, the stalls have been replaced by a very different internal structure with large shops mainly clothes and is called the Market Place. the old stalls were missed and I have to admit hardly ever going there!

It is in the process of being changed yet again as they uncover the beautiful historic vaults below the old Market hall where there are to be a number of restaurants etc.  Part of this plan includes a nine screen cinema  complex on top of the centre.

This morning we were in Starbucks having a coffee/ hot chocolate and I decided to take this shot of the ironwork in the roof of the hall which I love!

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