Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Jock and his human

Jocker - with a "C" -
Is his name
French master's mistake

Had a fun afternoon by a lake not too far away from home with friends - and a dog. A short walk then a drink at a café on the shore.

Tonight's dinner will be chitterlings sausage with fries then cakes from the bakery. With Burgundy wine. Ain't that the life? ;-)

I broke the lens of my 28-80 a few days ago (I didn't brag about it then, as I broke it by walking right into a post on the sidewalk, believe it or not) so I had to buy another. I found it on the internet - bought it used from someone, not a shop - and we went to get it before coming back home. It's in very good condition and I only paid 20€ for it.

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