Rock On!

Dear Diary,

Another "Scan it Sunday".  I suspect I was around 7 or 8 in this photograph with my brother.  Dad was at it again with his camera.  Whenever he got it out we knew we would end up posing somewhere.  The funny thing about this photograph is that I really have no memory of this accordion!  Guess it wasn't a big hit with me.

Someone looking at this may have thought I loved music or could play instruments.  I do love music, listening to it that is.  I never learned to play an instrument.  I did try the guitar at one point but never mastered it.  Both my mother and grandmother played the piano.

My father loved his records and I started buying the little 45rpm's at an early age.  I made sure I got the latest Beatle's record when it came out.  They cost 99 cents I remember.  Record players seem like ancient history now but suppose this lap top I'm using right now will go the same way in another 50 years.  The beat goes on and on and on...

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