By weewilkie


Today we took steps that carried a loved one to his resting place. My children stood up and spoke beautifully. My daughter stepped up to the podium and her words broke the sacred place of passing. They were sure footed, they planted their pride and emotion firmly into the hearts of everyone there. I could not have been prouder.
Then we moved on, stepped outside. We buried him in sunny skies. We sang, we grieved, we walked away. All we can do is walk on. These steps together briefly. Steps into the shared past. Steps away from the graveside. Steps towards a changed world.

So we walked, taking our steps on their travels. Stepping perpetually into this eternal mystery of the present tense. For we really go nowhere but here, and for all the steps I have taken away these years I somehow found myself arriving at a place of love, right here where I abandoned it. There were no shadows, only the thing itself.

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