"On yer bike!..."

Today blip is all about transport.
Because my car is off to China! more about that later.
Meanwhile our local woods (Mine woods) are very popular with mountain bikers and this cyclist was enjoying an evening ride through them.
I envy cyclists. If I didn’t live up a very steep hill I would have a bike.
And my car? Well, it failed its MOT in spectacular fashion.
“What do I do?” I asked my local garage as he gave me the bad news.
“You take it to an approved end-of-life facility.”
“What on earth is that?”
“Scrap. You might get £80 for it,” he said.
“And what will they do with it?” I looked fondly at my little silver car, which I have had for two years (OK I only paid £700 for it but it works .It does what it says on the tin: gets me from A to B).
“ It will be squashed, and sent to China for re-cycling.”

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