Festival of lights

Like yesterdays blip I've crossed the Harbour to visit the Sydney CBD,
Like yesterday I've blip an image that wasn't my original plan,
Like yesterday water is involved,
Like yesterday the buildings are the backdrop but not the subject,
Like yesterday I've ignored the Vivid festival but captured something 'around' it, BUT its nothing like yesterday's blip.

So to explain this photo, as I got onto ferry to goto Circular Quay I set camera to lowest f stop, mid level ISO just in case an opportunity presented itself. I knew the focus wouldn't be spectacular and the noise would be high but you never know, well as you can see an opportunity did present.... the strong lights are driving the projection of some pretty cool affects onto the "sails" of the sydney opera house.

LaRgE lights and colour in L A R G E

changes to EXIF data... f3.5, 8mm not 50mm, focus set to infinity
Processing; added duplex filter, add a toned down dark contrast filter, and toned down glow filter!

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