Life is a Minestrone !!

By bererunner

Millenium Reflections........

Being a shift worker I find myself being more of a nocturnal creature than is probably good for a stable relationship. A part from the two golden hours, (weather permitting) I'd rather be out and about during the night, down by the sea or out in the country side watching the stars.
A fellow blipper here on blipfoto is renowned for her reflection images, Redflash has published many stunning reflection images, at the moment she's attempting to image all of the Shaun figures that are dotted around the capital t the moment.
My blip today was taken earlier this morning in the Millenium Square here in Bristol. The square sits on top of an underground car park,  the square towers of which there are eight in the square, are air vents. Here they are reflected in one of the water features that are in the square.
Being alone in the square was excellent, alone with my thoughts and enjoying being able to take pretty much any photo I wanted to.


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