Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Blackthorn Blossom

Blackthorn (sloe) Prunus spinosa

The coastal braes are looking veritably snowy as the blachthorn erupts into solid masses of flowers. There are so many, it is difficult to isolate an interesting twig.

I have also seen many butterflies so perhaps that bodes well for the next generation:-
several small tortoiseshells
several peacocks
2 green-veined whites
2 orange tips
and ONE COMMA! (These now seem to be well established once again in Fife.

I have just seen Blip Central's latest announcement. Not sure if it is for everyone or just for paid members. It looks like an alternative to Blipfolio and slightly easier to access - not that I ever used Blipfolio much and since the 'changes' removed the clickable link, it has been too much bother to type it into the browser's url line every time you want to add another image.

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