Life at 88mph

By neet

Inspired by......

So, I decided to have a go at missymoo's challenge for June. Might not stick to it every day, especially since I don't seem to getting too much time in the week, but could do with a bit of inspiration (before I start blipping my dinner!)

Today's entry is 'inspired by.......'
It's difficult for me to pick out one person that has inspired me. Indeed, so many of you have done that in the past year, that I decided on the fact that I have been inspired by blipfoto, both the site and the people on it. Amazing photographers, amazing creativity and amazing writing. I love the little peek into your lives and look forward to all your wonderful shots, whether taken on an incredibly expensive camera that's way out of my budget, or taken on a phone. I love the site and I love my blip badge, I wear it with much pride and wait for someone to ask me what it's for!

Tomorrow: A toy

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