But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Brown Door?

I started my first audax (long distance cycle ride) of the year this morning, I was spurred  into entering it as Sloeburn from Coventry was down to ride. It was a sort of mini Blip-meet; we had time to say "Hello" and to tell each other how slow we were before he buggered off up the road and I didn't see him again. It was good to meet you Sloeburn, albeit very briefly, and I hope it went well for you.
I, on the other hand, didn't have such a good day. After more than three hours it was obvious that I was going to be struggling to make the first time check within the time allowed and, I was very cold and very wet. There was no sign of any let up in the weather and I had visions of me still plodding along at 10 o'clock at night - even colder and wetter - and requiring treatment for hypothermia, so I called it a day and made my way to Selkirk for a few mugs of something warming. While making my way there the rain stopped and some of the chill went, by the time I had consumed something warming the sun had come out and, by the time I had packed the trike into the car and put on some dry clothes it was decidedly warm, so I went for a stroll in the local park and took some photographs which included the bright blue sky.

I retrospect, I needed to have a lot more cycling miles in my legs, and to be wearing a lot more clothing. But then again, I would have needed a lot more luggage capacity to store the surplus clothing as the day warmed up. But, at least I started; about half the entrants didn't manage that.

The blip is of the first information check, we had to answer the question, "What colour is the door of this cottage?" Personally, I'm not entirely sure that it is actually a colour.

I now need to go through this week's pictures and try to catch up.

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