Pet Therapy: Man's Best Friend as healer

Medicine has been going to the dogs in a good way with Pet Therapy and Animal Assistant Therapy.  Today Buttercup participated in my Great-Nephew's Service Project at a local Nursing Home.  Dogs give such comfort, healing, and assistance to those who are depressed, sick and need a helping hand (paw).  I would have loved to brought Fiona with me today along with Buttercup.  But I thought one dog was enough for the first time going into a different environment.  Buttercup was a natural.  She imediately went up to each resident as we entered their rooms.  Of course, she also wanted to smell everything else in the room too!  The residents loved petting her silky hair and seeing her wag her tail.  Almost all the residents enjoyed telling us about their dogs and how much they missed them. It was a joy and a blessing to be among the residents.  Buttercup happily went home and now she is fast asleep!    If you want to see more of the event, I have some posted on Flicker.

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